Tell me about CostcoGrillDad:

Here’s what I don’t do:

  • Cook in BBQ competitions

  • Use complex equipment

  • Rely on ingredients that breaks budgets

Here’s what I do:

  • Cook for my family (wife, two daughters, with a son on the way — plus my siblings, their spouses and six kids who live less than a mile from me)

  • Use accessible equipment (you’ll find a do most of my cooking on cookers that cost less than $400)

  • Use ingredients I get at Costco (and, shh, other grocery stores, too)

Why Subscribe?

I’ve had a lot of fun posting photos and videos of the food I cook for my family on Instagram.

Here, I’ll share those recipes in more detail. I’ll also send along tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way while having fun cooking in my backyard. I will also review products, from rubs and sauces to breaking down what cookers I use and why.

I also get questions all the time from other backyard cooking enthusiasts. I’ll use this space to answer them.

My hope is that this newsletter will give you ideas of fun things to cook for your family and friends. Thanks for following along!

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CostcoGrillDad: feeding my family by cooking outside, mostly with meat purchased at Costco. This space is used to share recipes, tips and tricks for outdoor cooking. I’ll also write product reviews and answer your questions.