Summer Recipe Roundup

Beer Brats, Breakfast Fatties and Picnic Shoulder…just in time for football season

It’s been awhile since I sent out a newsletter, mostly because I spent several weeks at the lake with my family this summer and less time in front of my computer.

But even while we’re gone we still have to eat, so I did plenty of outdoor cooking, including trying a bunch of new recipes.

So here is a summer cooking roundup for your enjoyment. I hope this sparks a few ideas as you get ready to cook for football season! As a tortured Cal fan, I always need to have delicious food to comfort me. (Go Bears!)

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Summer Recipe #1: Beer Brats

For any of my subscribers from Wisconsin, let me apologize up front: I had never made beer brats before this summer. But now that I have, this will be a regular in our house.

Your Shopping List:

  • Aluminum pan (pick the size based on the size of your grill and how many brats you plan to make)

  • Butter

  • White onions

  • Bell peppers

  • A garlic-heavy seasoning (I used Garlic Garlic from Kosmos Q)

  • Beer (I used Bud Light — my comments on instagram tell me there are strong opinions about what beer is best, but I recommend some sort of lager)

  • Bratwursts

  • Buns

The prep:

  • Light a grill to medium-high heat

  • Slice peppers and onions

The cook itself:

  • Place your aluminum pan on your lit grill and add a stick of butter until melted

  • Add peppers, onions and a health dose of your garlic seasoning, stirring somewhat regularly until they begin to soften

  • Add a can or two of beer depending on the size of your pan. Save enough room for your bratwursts.

  • Add bratwursts and cover grill 

  • Wait 30 minutes or so and enjoy whatever beer you didn’t use for the cook — you’re looking for an internal temp of 160

  • Remove pan from grill and set aside; place brats directly on grill grate, flipping after a couple minutes until seared on all sides

  • Return brats to the pan and they’re ready to serve! Top with your favorite condiments

  • Tip: have a slotted spoon ready to scoop out those peppers and onions!

The result:

Summer Recipe #2: Breakfast Fatty

If you haven’t smoked breakfast for your family before, here’s the place to start. With proper prep the night before it’s an easy morning and a delicious meal. (Hint: you could easily do this in your oven if you don’t have a smoker.)

Your Shopping List:

The Prep + The Cook Itself:

Behold! A narrated video to make this easy. (Someday Substack will support embedding Instagram videos natively, but today is not that day.)

The result:

Bonus Summer Recipe: Picnic Shoulder

While at the lake I was having trouble getting my Instagram stories to upload, so instead I consolidated an 8-hour cook into an 8-minute video. Rather than writing up the whole thing, here you go!

Picture of the Week

As many of you saw on Instagram, I was honored to get to cook for my sister-in-law’s wedding this summer. Here’s the plate I pulled off, plus how a bride eats ribs to stay photogenic.

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